Friday, August 3, 2012

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

To Hunt the Cunt and Other Country Matters

Hamlet: Lady, shall I lie in your lap?
Lying down at Ophelia's feet.
Ophelia: No, my lord.
Hamlet: I mean, my head upon your lap?
Ophelia: Ay, my lord.
Hamlet: Do you think I meant country matters?
Ophelia: I think nothing, my lord.
Hamlet: That's a fair thought to lie between maids' legs. (Hamlet III.ii.111-20) 

My Mistress' Cunny

1. My mistress is a hive of bees
In yonder flowery Garden:
To her they come with loaden thighs,
To ease them of their burden.
As under the bee-hive lieth the wax,
And under the wax is honey,
So under her waist her belly is placed -
And under that, her cunny.

2. My mistress is a mine of gold,
Would that it were her pleasure
To let me dig within her mould
And roll among her treasure!
As under the moss the mould doth lye,
And under the mould is mony,
So under her waist her belly is placed -
And under that, her cunny.
3. My mistress is a morn in May,
Which drops of dew down stilleth:
Where'er she goes to sport and play,
The dew down sweetly trilleth.
As under the sun the mist doth lye,
So under the mist it is sunny,
So under her waist her belly is placed -
And under that, her cunny.

4. My mistress is a pleasant spring,
That yieldeth store of water sweet,
That doth refresh each wither'd thing
Lies trodden under feet.
Her belly is both white and soft,
And downy as any bunny,
That many gallants wish full oft
To play but with her cunny.
5. My mistress hath the magick sprays,
Of late she takes such wondrous pain
That she can pleasing spirits raise,
And also lay them down again.
Such power hath my tripping doe,
My pretty little bunny,
That many would their lives forego,
To play but with her cunny.

A lot of men like cunts.  Some women like cunts.  All women have cunts.  A great majority of people came from cunts.  Cunts are an important part of Wicca and Paganism.  Despite all this, and the literary and musical evidence presented above, cunts and coneys are not linked in the way many people (myself included) think.  In college, my history of the English Language professor told us that the word cunt was derived from the word coney, an older word for rabbit or hare, and rabbit words like conejo, that have Latin roots .  I believed her.  I had no reason not to.  In fact, I've propagated that misinformation on many occasions.  However, according to Karl Hagen, in his article "The Etymology of 'Cunt'", this is not the case.  If you're up for some English geeky reading, check out the article:

Despite this, there is a certain fascination with cunts and an unmistakable link to rabbits, cats, beavers, and other animals.  Is it just because all of the above are furry unless shaved or that all of the above like to be petted (I don't really know about outside beavers, but my beaver likes to be petted)?  It's a curious rabbit hole to go down upon.  Perhaps, just like the animals associated with the cunt, the ladies who possess them can be quite fun to "hunt"!  

In this new series, we'll be exploring several things: rabbits and hares in nonexistent modern Pagan mythology, hunting/fishing/and trapping and how it fits in with Paganism and the Wiccan Rede, fur fetishes, and PETA. 
As I said above, a great majority of humans originally transitioned from their mother into this world via a cunt, and a great majority of humans were made when their mother's cunt received their father's penis.  To the ancients, cunts were something of a mystery.  Life sprang from them.  They were spots of great pleasure and great pain.  They could bleed with out actually being injured.  The mysteries behind the cunt were blended with other mysteries of the world, which were attributed to the Goddess--since science wasn't there to explain away everything.

The exposed cunt became a fertility symbol in many cultures that would be openly displayed and honored along with images of penis.  Even today, fertility in one form or another drives everything, just as it did in ancient times.
Irish Sheila Na Gig

But in time, science did develop and start to explain away all the mysteries of the cunt, and the Goddesses behind the mystical cunt were gradually forgotten.
Scientist even started recording cunt anomalies.  The largest cunt thought to exist belonged to Anna Swan, a giant from Scotland.  Interestingly enough, she also bore the largest baby ever born.

So, if you enjoy simple country pleasures, go hunt a cunt and honor the Goddess in the simplest and purest way possible--fuck her silly!

These folks appreciate the mysteries of the cunt:
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Ode to the Trailer Park Goddess

I sing an ode to you, trailer park goddess!
You who are only pretty in summer when you are ripe like the peach between your legs.
By winter you will swell with an unwanted child from some half-forgotten, unprotected encounter that could have occurred with any guy for twenty miles.
You are mine, nymphette of Aphrodite!
I invoke your tight, tank top clad breasts that are just a little more than a handful, whose pertness needs no bra to contain them.

That beautiful cut-off encased apple ass, legs so short that your luscious roundness peaks out from the frayed edges of last year's blue jeans.
Cotton candy intoxicates my senses and heightens my appetite for your sensuality, as you ride hard the cusp between maidenhood and motherhood.

You've perfected the ability to walk fine lines--you're coy, yet easy; you demand fine smoke, yet ease your munchies with chili cheese fries and beer from the bar.

You ride the back roads with one guy after another--men and boys alike--too fast for most, fueled by something just short of ethanol from a mason jar.
Your temple is a single wide, with cable TV, and several window units. You dream of a shrine at the strip joint the next town over, but the only pole available to you now is the street light by your brother's pick-up.

But like every goddess, you have your dark side. Kali has nothing on your drunken rages that rend the peace of the trailer park at 3am. In three years, your smile will be gaped from new habits picked up from the hook-up of the week; your sagging boobage will flop out of your tube top as you scoop up a dirty baby that's been knocked over in a fight between your boyfriend and the babydaddy

 You'll be a good goddess and have children stashed all over the place, cared for by relatives--distant and close--while you spread your legs like Dukes mayonnaise. You'll care more about buying hot fries, cigarettes, beer, and whiskey than keeping the children still in your custody fed and clothed.
By thirty, you might as well be a crone, as your deeply wrinkled face smiles at the text message that your oldest is going to be a momma and is awaiting the paternity results from a dozen different dicks.

But for now, my sparkling trailer park goddess with the raucous laugh, powder pink finger nails, and fifty dollars from your momma's food stamps, you are my wet dream of the summer.   

These folks always have an offering of beer and cigs waiting:
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Post it!

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Nails and other detritus: A Pagan Service Announcement

The proper disposal of nail clippings and other personal detritus has become a major problem in the Pagan community.  Improper disposal of personal detritus can lead to you being placed in a jar on somebody's shelf, having a poppet made of you, or being framed for a crime you didn't commit.  You don't want a poppet made of you, do you?

No, I didn't think so, nor do you want to be singing the song, "But that's not really my DNA" to the police.  They never believe you.  Not only is improper disposal of personal detritus gross, but it's irresponsible.  Personal detritus is the easiest way for another magically inclined person to have control over you.

There are several proper ways to dispose of personal detritus.  First of all, make sure to collect all your nail clippings, loose hair (even from shower drains), pieces of dead skin or scabs, and boogers for proper disposal.  If you make this a daily habit, then the threat of someone controlling you will be greatly diminished.

Now it's time to dispose of the detritus.  You can burn the waste and scatter the ashes.  You can bury the waste.  You can flush the waste.  My favorite is to let it all fly out of the car window as I'm speeding down the road.

To summarize, get your detritus out of your enemies' hands and back to nature where it can decompose.

These folks always properly dispose of nail clippings:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

May You Never Thirst, Part 5: The Most Interesting Man in the World

This is the last post in the "May You Never Thirst" series.  A new series will be starting soon.  Make sure, after you read this post, to scroll down to the bottom of the page for the new giveaway rules and regulations.  We've got some really cool prizes this month.

If you do not know who "The Most Interesting Man in the World" is, then please watch the following video.  Be warned: by the end of it, you'll want to buy a case of Dos Equis Beer.

When I first saw these commercials, I became instantly fascinated by the main character.  He's who all the men want to be and all the women want to date.  He's real enough that his character seems plausible to our sensibilities, but he's fantastic enough that we all want to meet him and be close to him.  I suppose it's that magnetic personality that keeps him from owning credit cards.   He's daring, debonair, blunt, gentlemanly, cosmopolitan, ruthless but oddly compassionate.  He's like sand paper: he has both a rough and a refined side.  He's also very much like Ernest Hemingway's public life, minus the alcoholism and complexes.

What is it about older men like "The Most Interesting Man in the World" character or Sean Connery that attracts us to them?  For some people it's a biological sexual attraction.  Females of many species are biologically hardwired to want a mate that is older than them and more experienced.  I think it has to do with survival and finding that perfect balance of a mate that's old enough to have experience and resources for support and survival but not so old that they can't mate or do the work required for survival. People of both sexes and all persuasions like to associate with physically attractive people.  It's one of those brain chemistry/evolution/science things that make us all appear shallow.  
Psychologically, people of all sexual persuasions are attracted to this type of man because of the perceived experiences that they've had and the supposed wisdom that has been acquired from these experiences.  This leads into the sage archetype.  Many folks, Pagans include, mistakenly think that the sage represents dried decrepit old men that can barely move around and are certainly not sexually attractive.  This is not true!  Sages are still virile (and often know a lot more tricks than the youths or the father types) and they can still actively procreate, which is something they have over the crones.  Oh, quit your booing, crone fuckers!  We all know why old women are best according to Benjamin Franklin, but even he admitted that they didn't swell, and the ability to swell and make others swell is a quality that most cultures still value.
"The Most Interesting Man in the World" character is a nice face for the sage.  He's like a modern Odin with both eyes intact.

If you listened to the commercials where "The Most Interesting Man in the World" dispensed advice, although he sounds flippant, most of his advice is sound.  You really shouldn't trust a woman who is only around when you're winning.  Perhaps, in a divinely comical way, these commercials are a modern oracle for the sage to dispense his wisdom to the masses.  Obviously, I don't think the AllFather or any other God-Sage wants us to run out and buy Dos Equis beer, but the modern oracle concept is something to think about.  Oracles and other deity mouth pieces are technological items, so it only makes sense that they would change and evolve as the other technologies around them did.  Just something to think about.

These folks don't always make love to sages, but when they do, they prefer The Most Interesting Man in the World!
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Get ready for a Par-tay!

Go ahead and mark your calendars folks!  "The Barbed Pentacle" will be turning 1 in August, and to celebrate, we will be having a month long party!

We'll be kicking up our heels, having lots of cool giveaways, guests blogs, and we'll be moving to a brand new Internet location!
So folks, here's the deal:
You're invited to write a guest blog for "The Barbed Pentacle".   The blog entry can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, artwork, or music.  It can be about pretty much anything as long as it's gritty and Pagan (I'll leave the meaning of those two words up to your interpretation).  You can publish under your name or a pen name.  There's no word limit, but I do reserve the right to illustrate your blog with pictures that may or may not have anything to do with your blog entry.  I will accept entries from today until August 15.  Please email your submissions to with "Guest entry" in the subject line.  Everybody who sends something in will be entered in one of the birthday giveaways.  The more you send in, the more times your name is entered.

If you own a business, drop me a line.  Trading advertising for some of your wonderful goods is an excellent way to get your name out there.  The more items that are collected, the more party giveaways we can have during the month of August!  If you're interested, email me at with "Advertising" in the subject line.  I'll be more than happy to send you the details of my advertising package.
These folks are already in line to give birthday spankings!

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